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General Hospital episode guide

General Hospital, which celebrated its golden anniversary on April 1, 2013, continues its tradition of passion, intrigue and adventure that takes place in the fictional town of Port Charles in upstate New York. The glamour and excitement of those who have come to find their destinies in this familiar seaport town intertwine with the lives, loves and fortunes of beloved, well-known faces. As always, love, danger and mind blowing plot twists continue to abound on General Hospital with contemporary storylines and unforgettable characters. Watch full episodes of General Hospital with WATCH ABC.
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Friday August 28, 2015

Kiki learns the truth. Morgan rebuffs Sonny and Carly’s request to seek help. Julian seeks a familiar face at PCPD. Alexis advises Nina to put herself first. Ric and Madeline continue to conspire together. Dante and Nathan sleuth Silas’ murder.

36:39 08/28/15 TV-PG L

Thursday August 27, 2015

Franco makes a confession to Kiki. Morgan confronts a recent reveal. Jordan, Nathan and Dante pursue a new angle in their investigation.

36:41 08/27/15 TV-PG L

Wednesday August 26, 2015

Sonny has harsh words for a certain someone. Franco helps Nina reclaim her sense of sanity and they grow closer. Morgan makes a bold move with Kiki. Julian reveals a truth to Alexis that she finds surprising.

36:40 08/26/15 TV-PG DSLV

Tuesday August 25, 2015

Morgan is reeling when he becomes privy to some vital information. Franco makes a bold move; will his efforts be in vain? Paul and Tracy bond over their love for Dillon. Lulu reacts to a passage in Dillon’s script.

36:42 08/25/15 TV-PG LV

Monday August 24, 2015

Amidst Scott's accusation, will Ava's cover be blown? Obrecht recalls some important events. Julian accuses Sonny of setting him up. Jake and Little Jake spend time together. Patrick and Liz discuss the state of their respective relationships.

36:15 08/24/15 TV-PG LV
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Friday August 21, 2015

Scott discloses the truth about Ava. Nina confides in Nathan while Nathan makes an important discovery. Olivia and Sonny share their suspicions over Julian. Sabrina and Michael discuss his family’s history with bipolar disorder.

36:41 08/21/15 TV-PG LS
Expires in 3 days

Wednesday August 19, 2015

Julian witnesses a confrontation between Obrecht and Ava, prompting Ava to come clean with Julian. Nina offers to sacrifice herself for Franco. Olivia continues to fret about revealing the truth about her baby.

36:41 08/19/15 TV-PG DL
Expires in 2 days

Tuesday August 18, 2015

Olivia comes close to disclosing the truth while Julian continues to proclaim his innocence. Lucas struggles to come to terms with Brad’s past. Valerie and Maxie establish common ground. TJ delivers important news to Sonny and Carly.

36:41 08/18/15 TV-PG L
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Monday August 17, 2015

Elizabeth continues to confide in Nikolas in order to protect their secret. Brad explains his past to Lucas. Olivia updates Dante and Lulu about her son. Julian tries to convince a skeptical Alexis that he is done with the mob.

36:40 08/17/15 TV-PG LS

Friday August 14, 2015

Sonny assures Carly he is not involved in the recent mob activity in Port Charles. Dante and Lulu receive a surprise visitor. The tension between Brad and Lucas comes to a head.

08/14/15 TV-PG DLS

Thursday August 13, 2015

Nina and Ava have a confrontation. Nina vows to expose Ava for who she really is. While Julian continues to claim his innocence in the latest round of mob violence, Nathan and Dante make a grim discovery. Sonny receives a mysterious phone call.

08/13/15 TV-PG DLV

Wednesday August 12, 2015

Nina worries that Franco will sacrifice himself to protect her, so she decides to take matters into her own hands. Obrecht makes a startling discovery while trying to help Franco. Sonny sends Julian a message.

08/12/15 TV-PG L

Tuesday August 11, 2015

Patrick enlightens Jake about Sam and Liz’s history and encourages him not to give up hope. Lulu is touched by Dillon’s script and is moved to examine her own relationship. Jordan and Valerie’s friendship grows.

08/11/15 TV-PG DLS

Monday August 10, 2015

Ava finds a way to prevent Franco from disclosing her secret. Carly and Sonny confront Morgan about his suspicious behavior. Nikolas takes a house guest. Scott must make a difficult choice that will impact his career.

08/10/15 TV-PG DLSV

Friday August 7, 2015

Nik confirms Liz’s suspicions. Sam and Jake discuss Liz’s trustworthiness. Sonny and Carly confront Morgan who finally agrees to call things off with Ava/Denise. Ava/Denise drops a bombshell. Franco turns to Obrecht for advice.

08/07/15 TV-PG DLV

Thursday August 6, 2015

Franco turns to Obrecht for guidance, while Nina turns to Ric for help. Jake shares important news with Liz, which Liz then divulges to Nik. Liz becomes suspicious of Nik’s elusive answers about who shot Hayden.

08/06/15 TV-PG LV
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Wednesday August 5, 2015

Sonny calls a meeting of the Five Families to figure out who has been undermining his business. Carly continues to find Morgan’s behavior suspicious. Madeline worries Franco will sabotage her plans.

08/05/15 TV-PG L

Tuesday August 4, 2015

Kiki makes a shocking discovery that will change her life. Felix encourages Brad to reach out to Lucas who has not come home since learning Brad is married. Dante and Lulu have an awkward date with Dillon and Valerie.

08/04/15 TV-PG LS

Monday August 3, 2015

Franco finds Nina in a compromising position. Sam and Jake continue to investigate Nik and a major development takes place in their investigation. Laura makes a decision on what to do regarding Nik and Liz’s secret.

08/03/15 TV-PG LV