Cast Q&A: Finola Hughes & Dominic Zamprogna

By Ann Johnson Jan 21, 2014


Continuing with GH's 50th season celebration and soon reaching 13,000 episodes, we caught up with two of Port Charles’ finest so we could get more insight into their characters. 




 Finola Hughes (Anna Devane)

Your character has been a huge part of General Hospital’s success over the past 20 years. What has been your favorite storyline for Anna?

I love the mother-daughter relationship between Anna and Robin and how it has developed over the years. That storyline has shaped my character.  I'm particularly interested in how Robin's presumed death and return has impacted Anna. I also love playing a police commissioner which is predominately a male role. 

Why do you think General Hospital has been able to endure for 13,000 episodes?

Not only are there are so many great characters, but General Hospital has had such great writers throughout the years to make those characters so compelling. Our current writers are exploring some really exciting and profound storylines. 

What would you like to see on General Hospital in the future?

I would like to see all of the characters in Port Charles intertwine more. It would be interesting for all of them to have more of a connection with one another. Currently not all of the characters interact with each other.  

You hosted the Style Network fashion makeover show How Do I Look?  What do you think of Anna's style?

I think that Anna’s style reflects a woman of her socio-economic position. She has a practical wardrobe with a few pairs of pants, a couple of jackets that she rotates, one pair of heels and a pair of boots. Finola loves fashion but Anna doesn't.



Dominic Zamprogna (Dante Falconeri)

Dante has had a huge range of storylines – from the cop mysteries to a big romance with Lulu to losing his baby in a custody battle. What's been your favorite Dante storyline so far?  

There have been so many great storylines. Right now my favorite would have to be Dante and Lulu losing the baby in the custody battle and how that has impacted their relationship. 

Dante and Lulu are one of the most popular couples on General Hospital. Why do you think people have responded to them so much?

I think that fans respond to Dante and Lulu favorably because they have remained together for the better part of three years. They’ve gone through so much together and remain a strong couple. 

What do you think of Dante's new partner, Nathan West?

Dante thought that he was doing fine without a partner. He struggled at first with having one. Now, Nathan and Dante have developed a good comradery and work well as partners. 

Do you think Dante and Nathan will end up in a love triangle with Lulu?

(smiles) Wouldn’t that be interesting!

You were also appeared on nine episodes of Battlestar Galactica – which fans are more intense, sci-fan fans or soap opera fans?

Both are equally intense but in different ways. I find it interesting that I was on Battlestar Galactica over 6 years ago and people still recognize me from that character. However, I think soap fans are amazing, but maybe that is because I am on a soap opera and this is my main world.

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Faison Fights Anna|Faison battles Anna and discovers that she is not what she seems to be.|Faison battles Anna and discovers that she is not what she seems to be.