Moment of the Week: Anna Unmasked

By Lisa Weseman Oct 11, 2013

It was another gasp-filled week in Port Charles, as Robin fought for her freedom and her mother began to hope against all odds that she would find her daugher alive and well.

We were on the edge of our seats as Anna went to see her arch nemesis, the demented Cesar Faison. Would she find out the truth about Robin? Would Faison taunt her until Anna broke down?

The last thing we expected was for Anna to tell Faison she loved him! And when she kissed him, we didn't think things could get any crazier -- until they did! 

Anna pulled back from Faison's embrace, then pulled off a mask to reveal she was really Dr. Liesl Obrecht, Britt's crazed mother!

Using Faison's own trick against him was a classic General Hospital twist, and our favorite Moment of the Week.

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