Moment of the Week: Patrick Proposes

By Lisa Weseman Oct 22, 2013

For months, Patrick has struggled to move on from the death of his beloved wife Robin. He found comfort -- and love -- in the arms of his friend and co-worker Sabrina. But as Patrick and Sabrina got closer, his connection to Robin somehow grew stronger. He seemed to sense her everywhere, even hearing her voice on a mysterious phone call.

After watching an old video of Robin, Patrick realizes she would want him to move on, and he decides once and for all to put her in the past. At long last, Patrick is finally ready start a new life with Sabrina.

In a tender voice, Patrick tells Sabrina everything is finally right and asks her to marry him.

Normally, this would be a beautiful and romantic ending to a tragic story. But this is Port Charles, where nothing is ever normal!

At the very moment Patrick is proposing to Sabrina, an alive and well Robin is making her escape from capture, determined to find her way back home to Patrick!

It's the kind of General Hospital scene we live for, and our favorite Moment of the Week.

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