Moment of the Week: Morgan Fights for His Life

By Lisa Weseman Oct 25, 2013


When mob boss Sonny and town troublemaker Carly had a baby together, we knew he wouldn't be choir boy -- and Morgan Corinthos has lived up to his troublemaking genes. He was sent to military school, arrested for illegal gambling, kidnapped his half-sister, and most recently started a steamy affair with his mother-in-law Ava. 

But there's one thing worse than a bad boy -- an evil man. Julian Jerome is scary bad, even by mafia standards. Among his murder victims? His own sister Olivia.

So when Morgan figured out that Ava's friend Derek Wells was actually her brother, the evil Julian Jerome, we knew Morgan was in big trouble.

Jerome is intent on taking down Sonny, but to do that he must keep his identity a secret -- even if that means killing Morgan.

This scene kept us on the edge of our seats in a way only General Hospital can -- and that's why it's our Moment of the Week.

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