Moment of the Week: Delia from Ryan's Hope!

By Lisa Weseman Nov 01, 2013

Who is Delia?|Sam and Silas meet Ava's mother Delia.|Sam and Silas search for answers in a New York bar familiar to fans of "Ryan's Hope."



When Sam and Silas wandered into a New York City bar looking for information on Ava's mother, we knew we were in for a good time. Once again, GH didn't disappoint!

That bar turned out to be Ryan's Bar, and the woman pouring the drinks was Delia Reid Ryan, of the beloved ABC soap Ryan's Hope.

With her typical sass, Delia cracked jokes and evaded Sam and Silas's questions about her past. But as soon as Sam mentioned the Jerome family name, it was clear Delia had something to hide.

Eventually, Delia admitted that she did know Victor Jerome -- in fact, she'd had a daughter with him, Ava. In the weary voice of a mother who has given up, Delia explained that Ava hadn't been in touch in years.

Then Delia learned about her granddaughter, Kiki, and we saw yet another side of this intriguing character: a grandmother filled with love and hope. 

A delightful treat for fans of both General Hospital and Ryan's Hope, this scene was a reminder of what Ilene Kristen brought to the role for so many years, and a tribute to the rich legacy of the soap opera genre itself. That's why it was our Moment of the Week.

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