Moment of the Week: Michael Fights Morgan

By Lisa Weseman Nov 18, 2013

Michael Fights Morgan|Michael and Morgan's feud escalates.|Michael and Morgan's feud escalates and one brother is left for dead.


Brothers have feuded since the beginning of history, and Michael and Morgan Corinthos are no exception. Their rivalry for their father's attention and Kiki's heart took a dangerous twist this week when they got into a brutal fist fight on the waterfront.

Michael pummelled Morgan, leaving him bruised and bleeding on the dock. But in the end, Morgan got to his feet and threw a devasting punch that knocked "Mikey" onto a piling. As an unconcious Michael sank into the water, Morgan left him for dead.

It was an emotional, shocking turn in the brothers' long-standing feud and our favorite Moment of the Week.

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