Moment of the Week: Dr. Liesl Obrecht is Chief of Staff

By Ann Johnson Jan 24, 2014

The staff is shocked when Dr. Liesl Obrecht is chosen as the new Chief of Staff.

A hopeful Patrick, Robin, Silas, Monica and Britt awaited the announcement of the new Chief of Staff with baited breathe. The moment of truth finally came. Drum roll please…The Chief of Staff goes to…Dr. Liesl Obrecht. Wait. What?! Criminal kidnapper and all around nutcase Dr. Liesl Obrecht assigned as the new Chief of Staff of General Hospital? How did this happen?

The staff was stunned when the announcement was finally made. Robin looked sick. Britt, thinking that she had been chosen, was the most horrified of them all when she discovered it was her own mother. Maybe the Chief of Staff qualifications included kidnapping, lying and psychopath behavior. The real question now is, how could something like this happen? Blackmail? Bribery? There MUST be an explanation for this. 

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