Moment of the Week: Dr. Obrecht Confronts Anna

By Ann Johnson Mar 07, 2014

The claws came out this week on General Hospital when Dr. Obrecht confronted Anna about Cesar Faison's disappearance. Anna pretends to know nothing about it but then Dr. Obrecht has evidence (in the form of the WSB file provided by Victor) proving not only that Faison is not in residence at Steinmauer, but also that the last people to actually see him alive are Anna and Robert. Anna claims she and Robert moved Faison to another prison, given his previous escape from Steinmauer, but Obrecht doesn’t believe it and accuses her of murder. Anna toys with Obrecht, suggesting she may indeed have killed Faison – but Obrecht will never know and never prove it. Anna needles Obrecht, likening her despair over Faison’s absence to what Anna went through when Robin was taken away from her. At EOD Obrecht promises Anna that their conflict is far from over.

Dr. Obrecht is quite intimidating. Anna can hold her own though. This should be interesting. What was your favorite moment this week? There were so many great moments to choose from!