Moment of the Week: Nik Loves Liz

By Ann Johnson Mar 20, 2014

Nik Loves Liz|Nik admits to Emily that he loves Liz.|Nik admits to his late wife Emily that he loves Liz.

Nik’s engagement to Britt puts a roadblock in the happily ever after scenario for fans hoping that he will end up with Liz. Nik is paid a visit by the ghost of his late wife Emily. Emily asks Nik about his lingering feelings toward Liz. Nik assures Emily that Britt is his future and Liz is his past. He does admit that he still loves Liz though! Before Emily disappears she warns Nik that the party might not go as planned. That would be the understatement of the year.

Do you think Nik and Liz will find their way back to each other?