Moment of the Week: Liz and Ric Flashback

By Ann Johnson Apr 08, 2014

Out of all of the moments over the last two weeks, the Liz and Ric flashback stole your heart with the most "likes."  After the engagement party disaster, Ric takes Liz home. He takes this opportunity to tell her that they should be together since Nikolas clearly does not care about her. Ric thinks she deserves to be with someone who cares about her, and when he reminds her of their first kiss (flashback video clip alert!), it leads to another. Ric wants to stay the night but Liz tells him that she can’t. Ric tells her that he is not giving up and so far from what we’ve seen he has kept his word. 

Liz is obviously torn between Ric and Nik. Who do you want to see her with?