Top 5 Nurses' Ball Performances

By Ann Johnson May 14, 2014

Now that's what I call a Nurses' Ball! With so many great performances it was a Nurses' Ball to remember. We listened to your comments and feedback and now, here are the top 5 highest rated performances.

5. Liesl Obrecht "Always on My Mind" - Everyone was blown away by Obrecht's beautiful voice in this touching tribute to her children.  

4. Player "Baby Come Back" - Even though Spencer interrupted Emma and Cameron's tango, this performance by Player was amazing. Who doesn't love this song?

3. Kiki Jerome "Raise Your Glass"- Kiki gave an amazing performance that had everyone dancing. 

2. Epiphany "You're Not Alone." This touching song in the finale was the perfect end to the Nurses' Ball.  Between Epiphany’s beautiful voice and the touching montage in the background, it is not a mystery why it was a top rated performance.

1. Magic Milo & the Magic Wands - The number one performance goes to Magic Milo & The Magic Wands. With more comments than any other video, the users have spoken that we need more shirtless dance numbers in the future.