Lulu and Shirtless Dante

By Ann Johnson Mar 25, 2014

Shirtless Tuesdays. A day to honor the shirtless on General Hospital. This week the honor goes to Dante Falconeri. 

Ever since Dante arrived in Port Charles in 2009 fans have not been able to take their eyes off of him. And for good reason! Not only is he a standup guy but he is extremely easy on the eyes. When Dante began a relationship with Lulu Spencer, she had no idea that he was an undercover cop. Over time, Dante was relentless and wore her down. They have had many obstacles, most recently the Baby Ben drama, but they always pull through.  

In this clip, Lulu is emotional after finding a baby shoe. Dante comes out shirtless wanting to take a shower with her but finds her emotional.  He sets his desires aside to comfort the love of his life.  We feel awful for Lulu but envy the shoulder that she gets to cry on.