General Hospital Spoilers: Week of June 9th

By Ann Johnson Jun 06, 2014

This week on General Hospital, shots are fired and relationships are put to the test. Double Sneak Summer starts today! Is Liz Really Over Nik?

Is Britt Really Over Nik?|Britt is not ready to give up Nik.|Britt is angry when she witnesses a close moment between Liz and Nik.



Will Sonny believe that Ric is innocent? 

Will Sonny Believe Ric?|Will Sonny believe that Ric was framed?|Will Sonny believe that his brother Ric is innocent?





Julian’s quest to leave the mob is proving to be harder than he thought.


Will Silas tell Nina the truth about Sam?


Sabrina's grief takes its toll on her state of mind.




Maxie loses it on Levi.


Someone in Port Charles ends up in a body bag.

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