Nik vs.Liz

By Ann Johnson Mar 26, 2014

Nik vs. Liz|Nik throws Liz out of his house.|An angry Nik throws Liz out of his house.

When Liz found the letter she could not wait to show it to Lulu. Redemption! Lulu would now know that Ben was her baby! She shows Lulu the letter and all hell breaks loose.  Lulu shuts down the engagement party with her assertion that Ben is her son, not Britt's. Britt is put on the spot and eventually under interrogation, breaks down and admits that Ben is Lulu's.  Nik is furious. Just when you think the night could not get any more dramatic Nik takes a turn on Liz. He even goes so far as to call her "Saint Elizabeth" and throws her out of his home.  Wow.

Do you think that Liz should have waited to tell Lulu? Do you think Nik was right in telling Liz off?  Even more importantly, do you think Liz partially did this to win back Nik?