Recap: GH Week of March 3rd

Mar 7th, 2014


This week was jam packed with action and surprises on General Hospital. AJ confronted Ava about Connie’s murder and things did not go well. Sonny walked in mid fight and shot AJ.  Ava and Sonny flee the scene leaving AJ to die. The PCPD start questioning people regarding AJ’s shooting. AJ battles for his life and Julian is arrested as a suspect.

Robin and Patrick say their final goodbyes. Later we see Robin in the lab where she sees Jason. Patrick is left devastated on the living room floor crying with only memories to hold on to.
Dr. Obrecht confronts Anna about Faison’s disappearance and reveals a file with incriminating evidence. Anna is not pleased with this. Sam and Silas try to visit Nina but discover that she is missing. Later we see that someone is secretly watching them.

It wasn’t all shootings and goodbyes though. Luke proposed to Tracy and she accepted. We hope this time it works out. Ric starts making moves on Liz who seems uninterested but flattered. Time will tell. AJ battles for his life and Julian is arrested as a suspect.

What a week! What was your favorite part of the recap? Tell us in the comments below. 


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