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  • Maxie Jones may seem bitchy or abrasive, but after you've seen what she's been through, you'd cut her some slack. See what we mean.
    Maxie 101
    | 108 photos
  • Michael stands right in the middle of two of Port Charles' biggest familiar - The Corinthos and the Quartmaine clans. Get to know all about the potential mob heir.
    Michael 101
    | 24 photos
  • As the product of the town's greatest love story, Lulu's had a lot to live up to. Follow her past in our photo history.
    Lulu 101
    | 16 photos
  • Patrick arrives in Port Charles as a serial heart breaker, and has since matured into a loving dad. See what changed him in our photo history.
    Patrick 101
    | 36 photos

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