• Metro Court Hostage Crisis

    Metro Court Hostage Crisis

    Jax's brother, Jerry Jacks, terrorizes hostages at Metro Court Hotel under the alias, "James Craig." He engages the hostages in a series of life-threatening games, which eventually lead to Robin Scorpio, Max Giambetti and Father Mateo Ruiz being shot and Alan Quartermaine's death.

  • Elizabeth and Jason are Trapped in an Elevator

    Elizabeth and Jason are Trapped

    When a deranged Jerry Jacks terrorizes hostages at Metro Court Hotel, Elizabeth and Jason get trapped in an elevator. She tells Jason he is baby Jake’s father.

  • Carly and Jax Get Married

    Carly and Jax Get Married

    The day after Carly’s divorce from Sonny is final, she marries Jax.

  • Georgie is Murdered

    Georgie is Murdered

    Georgie Jones becomes another victim of the Text Message Killer. Her lifeless body is discovered in the park by Damian Spinelli.


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  • Other Notable Decade Events:

    •Sonny forces AJ to give up his parental rights.

    •Ric kidnaps Carly and locks her in a panic room in his house.

    •Robin and Patrick's steamy romance.

    •Logan attacks Maxie and Lulu kills him in self-defense.

    •Sonny and Kate's wedding. Kate gets shot on the altar.