• Robin Dies in a Hospital Lab Explosion

    Robin "Dies" in a Hospital Lab Explosion

    After saving Patrick from leaking gas in the GH lab, Robin goes back in to get Jason's protocol. The doors lock and, soon after, the lab explodes. She is pronounced dead, but it is revealed that she is still alive and being held captive.

  • Sonny and Kates Wedding

    Sonny and Kate's Wedding is Interrupted

    Connie reveales herself the day before Kate and Sonny's wedding. She blackmails Johnny into marrying her so she won't be thrown into the psych ward.

  • Edward passes away

    Edward Passes Away

    A.J. wants to speak with Edward before his death, but Tracy is having none of it. Eventually she relents, but it was too late; Edward is already dead.


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  • Other Notable Decade Events:

    •Sonny and Brenda's wedding.

    •Jason is presumed dead, but his body is never found.