April Kepner

Played by Sarah Drew


Her red notebook; Second chances; Being prepared and being taken seriously

When people steal her red notebook; Distractions in the ER; When patients die; Being called "Shepherd's flunkey"; being made fun of for loving Jesus and decision to remain a virgin for religious reasons.

April grew up on a farm in Ohio. Her dad is a corn farmer and her mom is a teacher. She has three sisters: Libby, Kimmie and Alice.

When April returns to the hospital, she decides to "re-virginize" herself, but it is clear that she cannot stay away from Jackson for too long. At one point, April thought she was pregnant. So, he tells her that he will marry her and raise their child together. However, when April was too excited to find out she was not pregnant, Jackson breaks things off between them for good. April met Matthew Taylor, a new paramedic, and goes on a ride along with him. Matthew was so impressed with April that he asked her out, and the two began a romantic relationship. Matthew proposed to April via flashmob in front of the entire hospital, and the two got engaged. At April's wedding to Matthew, Jackson interrupts the ceremony to declare his love for the bride. April, who still has her own feelings for Jackson, flees and marries Jackson instead.


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In the sixth season of Grey’s Anatomy, Sarah Drew was introduced as Dr. April Kepner, a resident from Seattle Grace’s rival hospital, Mercy West. Sarah Drew enters season seven as a series regular on the series.

Last year, she starred in Hallmark Hall of Fame’s Front of the Class and recurred on ABC’s Private Practice, the CW’s Privileged and AMC’s award-winning show Mad Men.  She recently finished filming the lead role in Tug opposite Sam Huntington and Haylie Duff.

Best known for her series regular work on Everwood, other credits include Weiners opposite Jenny McCarthy and Andy Milonakis, The Baxter alongside Elizabeth Banks and Paul Rudd, and Radio alongside Cuba Gooding and Ed Harris.