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The doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital Meredith Grey are faced with life-or-death decisions on a daily basis. They seek comfort from one another, and, at times, more than just friendship. Together they discover that neither medicine nor relationships can be defined in black and white.

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season 4

    S4 E1 A Change Is Gonna Come

    Having just returned from her honeymoon with Meredith, Cristina searches for Burke, but he's nowhere to be found.

    09/27/07Season 4TV-14
    S4 E2 Love/Addiction

    Mama Burke returns to Seattle Grace, and Cristina does her best to evade her, while Meredith tries to avoid a heart-to-heart with Lexie.

    10/04/07Season 4TV-14
    S4 E3 Let the Truth Sting

    Meredith reluctantly helps Lexie with her first surgical procedure, while Lexie helps keep George's "repeater" status a secret from their fellow interns.

    10/11/07Season 4TV-14
    S4 E4 The Heart of the Matter

    Izzie confides in a friend about George and the reaction is not what she expected; the Chief's niece returns to the hospital where she once had her prom.

    10/18/07Season 4TV-14
    S4 E5 Haunt You Every Day

    Halloween is full of surprises as Meredith thinks her dead mother is haunting her and Callie reveals Goerge and Izzie's affair.

    10/25/07Season 4TV-14
    S4 E6 Kung Fu Fighting

    With his marriage in trouble, the Chief turns to his fellow male surgeons for a "Gentleman's Evening," while Cristina and Izzie compete for surgeries.

    11/01/07Season 4TV-14
    S4 E7 Physical Attraction... Chemical Reaction

    George and Izzie's romantic chemistry is put to the test, Mark develops a crush on a fellow surgeon, and Callie's role as Chief Resident is in jeopardy.

    11/08/07Season 4TV-14
    S4 E8 Forever Young

    The ER is filled with teenagers after a schoolbus crash, Bailey treats a patient who was her high school crush.

    11/15/07Season 4TV-14
    S4 E9 Crash Into Me - Part One

    An ambulance crash endangers the lives of the paramedics involved, as Meredith and the Chief work on-site to save them.

    11/22/07Season 4TV-14
    S4 E10 Crash Into Me - Part Two

    Meredith furiously works to save the life of a paramedic trapped inside an ambulance, as her sister, Lexie, holds the life of a patient in her hands.

    12/06/07Season 4TV-14
    S4 E11 Lay Your Hands on Me

    Bailey's family faces a medical trauma, just as her marriage is falling apart; a surprise visit from George's mother comes as a shock.

    01/10/08Season 4TV-14
    S4 E12 Where the Wild Things Are

    Meredith and her fellow residents compete in a surgical contest. Meanwhile George and Lexie adjust to their new apartment.

    04/24/08Season 4TV-14
    S4 E13 Piece of My Heart

    Addison returns to Seattle Grace to perform an operation and is taken aback by all of the changes in her old co-workers' lives.

    05/01/08Season 4TV-14
    S4 E14 The Becoming

    The nurses' objections to McSteamy's trysts lead to the instating of a new "date and tell" policy.

    05/08/08Season 4TV-14
    S4 E15 Losing My Mind

    Dr. Wyatt refuses to let Meredith give up, Alex learns about Rebecca's condition and the Chief insists that Erica operate on his mentor.

    05/15/08Season 4TV-14
    S4 E16 Freedom - Part 1

    Meredith and Derek have one last shot at a successful outcome in their clinical trial, as the other surgeons work to free a boy from a block of cement.

    05/22/08Season 4TV-14
    S4 E17 Freedom - Part 2

    Meredith and Derek have one last shot at a successful outcome in their clinical trial, as the other surgeons work to free a boy from a block of cement.

    05/22/08Season 4TV-14