11 Things You Need to Know About Season 8

By Aaron Welsh | Apr 21st, 2012

#1 -
Owen is Named New Chief

At the beginning of the season of season 8, we find out that Meredith had tampered with a medical trial so Adele, Richard's wife, could get a potential treatment for her Alzheimer's. Her misconduct was discovered and she was fired. Richard did what he felt was right; he takes the fall because he knew Meredith was just trying to help him. She is reinstated as a doctor, but Richard is forced to resign his post. In comes Owen and Seattle Grace has a new Chief.

#2 -
Cristina Aborts her Pregnancy 

Cristina and Owen did not intend for it to happen, but Cristina became pregnant. Owen was overjoyed with the news, but Cristina did not share in his delight. This obviously caused much strife in their relationship. Eventually it becomes clear that this procedure will happen with or without Owen's consent. He decided to stand by his wide and go to the clinic with her for the procedure. The real test came when they have to deal with how this changed their relationship.

#3 -
Meredith and Derek Adopt Baby Zola

Derek and Meredith met baby Zola and were so taken by her that they began the adoption process. The problem was, the news of Meredith's firing reached the counselor and put the adoption in jeopardy. Meredith didn't know what to do and took Zola. After hemming and hawing for some time, she called Cristina for help. They decided to return Zola to the counselor and tell her that she was just having a checkup after some routine labs. Too bad the red flags were already waved and Zola was taken away. Later, it became even more intense when Zola was admitted after having seizures. Derek and Meredith were so beside themselves after learning this that they risked the adoption just to find out how she was doing. Elsewhere and unbeknownst to them, Alex tracked down and convinced a sick judge to give them a hearing. It was nothing but good news after that because Zola legally became Derek and Meredith's daughter!

#4 -
Owen Cheats on Cristina

The abortion created a rift in Owen and Cristina's relationship. Owen so wanted to be a father and was hurt when Cristina took that away from him. They were fighting on and off for some time after when Owen was presented the opportunity to emotionally hurt Cristina. He was drinking in the local bar when a sexy woman struck up a conversation with him. One thing led to another and Owen ended up sleeping with her. He wasn't looking for a new relationship or even a good time, he was looking for revenge.

#5 -
Henry Dies

Teddy and Henry were doing great at the beginning of the season. Heck, Henry was even thinking of going to medical school. This didn't last long though. Henry was standing over the sink one night and suddenly coughs up blood. He was rushed to the hospital and learned that his tumor had grown into his lungs. Teddy requested Cristina as the surgeon to operate on her husband. In the middle of surgery, they find that it's worse than they thought and there was nothing they could do. Henry passes quietly and Teddy only learns of his death after she was done with the surgery she was performing at the time.

#6 -
Hook Ups! - Jackson & Kepner / Richard & Catherine

It just wouldn't be a Grey's Anatomy season without some fraternization between the doctors. During the middle of the boards, Kepner rushed into the Men's restroom to compose herself. What we weren't expecting was Jackson confronting her, then within the span of minutes, Kepner losing her virginity to him. WOW! The hormones were pumping for all the Avery's that day because later Jackson went to his mother's room to retrieve his lucky pencil only to be greeted by Richard in a bathrobe. Awkward…

#7 -
Boards Results – Everyone Passes Except Kepner

Everyone passed the boards…well, almost everyone. Being the over-achiever she is, Cristina passed her boards and is now being courted by the Mayo Clinic. Jackson passed with the help of his lucky pencil (he should get a medal too for what he witnessed while retrieving said pencil). Even Alex passed after failing the first portion because he stayed in Seattle too long. His dedication and passion really impressed the examiners because he is now being courted by John Hopkins! Poor Kepner was the only one not to pass. She lost it in the middle of her boards and went on a rant. Now she's persona non grata in the medical community. All the hospitals that were courting her have rescinded their offers AND she's unable to stay at Seattle Grace because Alex's bidding war for him ate up the budget. OUCH!

#8 -
Plane crash / Lexie dies

Tragedy struck when many members of the staff were involved in a horrific plane crash. Some fared well in the crash, other didn't. Other than what we assume is a dislocated shoulder, Cristina seems to have made it through okay. Arizona's leg is in pretty bad shape and at one point she went into shock. Meredith seems to be okay, but has a nasty cut but on her leg and the back of the head. Derek was far off in the woods with his hand trapped in-between some mangled pieces of metal. He did what he had to do; he smashed his own hand in order to free it. He made his way to the others where Meredith and Cristina have to do some crude impromptu surgery to try and save his hand. Mark seems fine at first, but it became very apparent he wasn't. Mark's chest was filling with blood. To save his life, Cristina and Meredith took a plastic tube and performed a procedure to drain away the blood. Mark is alive for now, but may not last long if help doesn't arrive soon. Poor Lexie didn't make it. She was found trapped under a large piece of the plane after the crash. There was nothing anyone could do. Her last moments were of her and Mark holding hands; expressing their love for each other.

#9 -
Richard Puts Adele in a Home

Adele became too much for Richard to handle alone. In one of her rare moments of clarity, Adele realized how much of a burden she had become on her husband and expressed to him that she didn't want to live at home anymore. Now Adele doesn't even recognize who Richard is when he comes to visit. It's a bit sad, but it's a better situation for the both of them.

#10 -
Owen Fires Teddy

Owen found out that Teddy was turning down the job as Chief at MEDCOM, the U.S. Army Medical Command. Teddy was doing it because she had never seen Owen so broken and didn't want to abandon him in his time of need. Owen appreciated the gesture and promptly fired her. She would never get another opportunity like this and he didn't want to be the reason she missed out.

#11 - Bailey is Getting Married!

Finally! First Ben proposed to her in a crossword, Bailey got scared and said no…that didn't go too well. Regretting her decision, Bailey later ambushed Ben and proposed to him wearing nothing but a thong and a trench coat…Ben said no. Sheesh! Third time was a charm because these two decided to work past their differences and get hitched. No word yet when the ceremony will be though.