Top 5 Mortifying Moments

By Aaron Welsh | Aug 10th, 2012

Seattle Grace has no shortage of embarrassing moments. Whether it is unrequited love, professional flubs, or the ever popular walk-of-shame; these are top 5 moments that made us groan the most.

#1 – Derek's Ignorance about Zola's Hair

Derek was getting the strangest looks from people while chauffeuring Zola around the hospital. Derek though it was a racial thing and berated a woman for her perceived intolerance. Luckily Bailey was there to save the day. She informed Derek that people weren't judging him and Zola because they were different races. They were judging him because he had near perfect hair and Zola's hair was a complete mess. Do your baby's hair Shepherd!Bailey 1 – Derek 0

#2 – Coming up Short of Expectations

Failing is pretty embarrassing, but failing VERY publicly is even worse. Meredith, Cristina, and the rest of the residents were in front of the hospital when their results started to post. Everyone was frantically checking their phones to see the results and the only one NOT to pass was April. To make matters worse, Owen had to let her go because the hospital could no longer afford her. OUCH!!

#3 – Presumptions

What normally is a joyous event turned into an embarrassing moment for Bailey. During an operation, Ben was insisting that the two of them do a crossword. Bailey clearly wasn't in the mood but that didn't stop Ben from constantly bringing it up. Finally Bailey had enough and did the crossword in the most condescending and dramatic way possible. What she didn't know was that Ben had paid to put a marriage proposal in as a clue. When they got to the answer, Bailey was a little more than shocked. The surgery went on and she made it up to Ben later by surprising him a thong and a trench coat.

#4 – The Little Things

Cristina is a person who loves a challenge. That's why she was so annoyed when she was assigned a routine appendectomy. She felt like she was above that type of surgery. During the middle of it Cristina forgot a very important step and couldn't proceed. Teddy was brought in earlier to supervise the operation in case Cristina screwed things up. Teddy couldn't remember either. In the end, a nurse had to step in and tell them how to perform the surgery that was supposed to be a walk in the park.

#5 – Walk of Shame

Catching someone doing the walk of shame is a bit awkward, but catching that someone coming out of your mom's room is even worse. That's exactly what happened to Jackson. During the boards, he needed his lucky pencil so he went up to his mom's room to retrieve it. Richard answered the door wearing nothing but a bathrobe. Weird, he must have had the wrong room. Then it dawned on him that no, this WAS his mother's room! That's an image that's not going to get out Jackson's, Richard's, or his mother's mind anytime soon.