Top 7 Odd Medical Cases

By Aaron Welsh | Sep 22nd, 2012

Seattle Grace may get its fair share of mundane illnesses, but we can always expect an extraordinary case to pop up from time to time. Take a look at some of the weirder cases the doctors of Grey's Anatomy have had to deal with lately.

#1 - Field Amputation

In 801, the leg of a woman became trapped under her car after she and her husband were swallowed by a giant sinkhole. The leg needed to be amputated in the field in order to save her life. Owen and Callie desperately tried to walk the husband through the procedure, but ultimately Owen had to go down and heroically perform the procedure when the husband couldn't.

#2 - Nerd Stampede! 

Not that the injuries were all that weird, but the people and circumstances surrounding it were. There was a stampede at a local comic book convention and the victims were trucked in still in costume. There was a hobbit that got beat down by an ogre of a man, a Dr. Who fan with his ear ripped off and no feeling in his lower body, and a zombie nurse with fake lacerations that fooled Richard at first.

#3 - South of the Equator 

Transplant surgeries take place at Seattle Grace all the time; heart, liver, lungsā€¦.PENISES. The great Catherine Avery, also Jackson's mom, was in town to perform this revolutionary surgery. All the residents were clamoring to work with this legend of a woman, but the honor went to Meredith. Meredith had to leave in the middle of the surgery and April took over. Butter fingers Kepner accidentally shredded a precious vein, then Jackson stepped in to save the day.

#4 - Out of Body Experience

Ok this one didn't exactly involve a patient. A donor heart was attached to a machine to keep it pumping and then placed in a box. Cristina was tasked to keep an eye on it until a team showed up to take it away. Needless to say she wasn't that thrilled about the situation until Richard informed her that the heart was the key to everything she wanted. (Earlier, Teddy told Cristina to make a wish list of surgeries she wanted to perform). Cristina channeled the heart-in-a-box mojo and finalized the list she had been agonizing over.

#5 - Eye of the Beholder

A young girl had a large shard of glass stuck in her eye after a horrific accident. Julia, Mark's girlfriend at the time, was called in to remove the glass. It was touch and go for quite some time and Derek was ready to pull her from the surgery, but she rallied and saved the eye.

#6 - Marathon of a Procedure

Two conjoined twins were to be separated in a surgery that would last 18 hours and required multiple sets of doctors. Arizona was a little overprotective since she cared for these children since they were born. No need to worry though, the doctors pulled it together and successfully completed the surgery.

#7 - Going in 5th Gear

Is that the sweet smell of kielbasa in the hospital? Why yes it is because a guy came in with his hand stuck in a meat grinder. At first the doctors were going to simply amputate the arm, but Meredith suggested saving the patient's arm by replacing the mangled thumb with one of his toes. Callie was very impressed and gave Meredith her secret study method as a reward.