The Top 9 Reasons Why We Love Grey’s Anatomy

By Aaron Welsh | Aug 1st, 2013

1. MerDer - It took them how long to get together?!?! It finally happened and we've loved them together ever since.


Who remembers the post-it wedding!?!

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2. The Music - Seriously, the person who picks the music for Grey's needs to get mad props.

3. McSteamy - He didn't get the nickname 'McSteamy' for nothing


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4. Cristina's Bedside Manner - Not the warmest, but definitely one of the most effective.

Cristina's Bedside Manner

5. Bailey's Bluntness - We love her because she keeps it real.

Bailey's Bluntness

6. Meredith's One Liners - The stuff that comes out of Meredith's mouth is different to say the least (and by different we mean amazing)!

Meredith's One Liners

7. Weird Medical Cases - The staff has seen everything! Most memorable for us is when Burke and Meredith removed an explosive device from the body of patient during episode 16 of season 2.


8. McDreamy - A gentleman to the end, Meredith was lucky to snag this guy.


9. The Relationships - Too many to count, but here are a few of our favorites: MerDer, Mark & Lexie, Alex & Izzie, Owen & Cristina, George & Callie

Alex & Izzie George & Callie Mark & Lexie Owen & Cristina