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Rising Star's Kesha: "I Can't Wait to See a [bleep] pic on the wall"

By Aaron Welsh | Jun 18th, 2014

Josh Groban, Brad Paisley, Kesha, & Ludacris stopped by the set today to talk with Jimmy about their new show Rising Star. Not only did the experts reveal how the show works, but some dirty little secrets were revealed (a certain someone made out with Kesha's assistant on tour).

Jimmy Kimmel Swears In Josh Groban, Ludacris, Kesha and Brad Paisley
"Rising Star" cannot officially begin until the host and the celebrity panel of experts have been sworn in. Since we had Josh Groban, Ludacris, Kesha and Brad Paisley on the show, Jimmy decided to perform the ceremony himself.

Favorite Quote: "Do you promise to refer to every contestant as a true artist even though they just sang a karaoke song?" 

Ludacris and Kesha Argue About When They First Met
Ludacris and Kesha's disagreement about when they first met entertains Jimmy, Josh Groban and Brad Paisley. Description: Ludacris and Kesha argue about when they first met.

Favorite Quote: "I can't wait to see a [bleep] pic on the wall"

Ludacris on Being Late to a Live Appearance for Rising Star
Ludacris explains why he was late to a live appearance for "Rising Star" leaving his co-stars Josh Groban, Kesha and Brad Paisley with an empty chair next to them. Description: Ludacris explains why he was late to a live appearance for "Rising Star."

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