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Jimmy's April Fool's Pranks

By Aaron Welsh | Apr 2nd, 2014

April Fool’s Day is to pranksters what Christmas is to kids. The buildup to the day is practically unbearable and when it finally comes, there’s nothing like getting what you’ve been waiting for! Jimmy took to the airwaves and enlisted his army of fans to upload their best pranks. Check out the best pranks by you, the viewer, for 2014.


Jimmy couldn’t let his fans be the only ones to get into the spirit and took it upon himself to get his aunt Chippy this year. He sent a fake camera crew to his aunt’s house to interview her all the while cousin Sal is giving the crew instructions with hilarious results.

So what now? April Fool’s Day is over, but the next one is only 364 days away. Check out some of the suggestions by Jimmy to get ideas for next year’s epic day of pranks!