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Top 6 Kids Moments

By Jimmy Kimmel Live | Jul 30th, 2013

 Jimmy has always gotten along with kids.  It's obvious that children don't see him as just another adult and as a result, kids have made for some of our greatest TV moments over the years.  Whether it's a Halloween YouTube prank, young Wesley as The Baby Bachelor, or the sharpshooting of Trick-Shot-Titus, we think it's well worth taking a look back at some of the greatest moments from the little people of JKL.

We've pulled six of our favorite kid moments from the last few years for you to enjoy.  These aren't by any means the only times kids have made us laugh on the show, but they are some of the most memorable.


6. Parents Tell Their Kids They Ate All the Halloween Candy

Of all of our YouTube Challenges, this has to be one of our greatest. Some of the more forgiving children in this challenge helped restore our hope in our youngest generation.


5. The Baby Bachelor

Jimmy's nephew Wesley is searching for his princess. In his lifetime he's always struggled to find love and now that he's three, he realizes it's time to settle down.

See the five-part series of Baby Bachelor here.


4. Jimmy Kimmel: Lie Detective

Jimmy and the Truth Fairy use a kitchen colander and some medical equipment to hook kids up to what they think is a lie detector. Once the buzzer starts beeping, the secrets start spilling.


3. Trick-Shot Titus vs. Jimmy

Jimmy Kimmel goes up against the pride of Derby, Kansas in a basketball shootout. All Jimmy's trash-talk did nothing for his chances against two-year-old Trick-Shot-Titus.


2. The Majestic Honey Boo Boo

England has Prince George…America has Honey Boo Boo, Queen of the Pageants. Here’s an in-depth look at her species.


1. Tom Hanks: Pageant Dad

Tom Hanks might be Oscar royalty, but the only trophies he cares about these days are the ones his daughter can bring home from beauty pageants…if she would only listen.