Live Tweet the Finale with Cast Members

By Mar 20, 2013

Last Man Standing
fans, we're coming to yet another milestone in this hilarious comedy's existence -- the Season 2 finale! Christoph Sanders (who plays Kyle on the show) and Amanda Fuller (eldest Baxter daughter Kristin) will be live tweeting during the season finale on two different coasts.

Amanda will go first, live tweeting during the east coast broadcast of the show. Catch her on Twitter (@amandafuller27) and ask her what it's like to butt heads with her famous pop. Then, during the west coast broadcast, you can chat with Christoph (@StophSanders) about what it's like to generally live in fear of Mike Baxter...especially when you've dated two of his daughters!

So watch the season finale FRIDAY 8|7c, and tweet your hearts out. Don't forget to toss a little love to @LastManABC while you're out there.