LOST Character Bios: Ana Lucia Cortez

Played by Michelle Rodriguez


- Worked as a cop for the LAPD; her mother was also her captain
- Shot four times when she responded to a burglary
- Was pregnant when shot
- Lied when asked to identify the guy who shot her; then followed him and killed him in revenge
- Confronted by her mother when the body is found, and Ana Lucia quits
- Hired as airport security; worked at Los Angeles airport
- Met Christian Shephard, Jack's father, in a Los Angeles airport bar
- Accepted his offer to work as his "bodyguard" on his trip to Sydney, Australia
- Broke up a fight Christian had with a woman about his "daughter"
- Decided to stop running away and go back home to face what she did
- Met Jack Shephard in a Sydney airport bar

- Sat in the tail section of the plane
- Became the leader of the Tailies
- Killed a female Other the night they took the kids
- Suspected another Tailie survivor, Nathan, of being an Other sent to infiltrate the group
- Dug a tiger trap hole and imprisoned Nathan there
- Discovered the Arrow station and made it the Tailies' home
- Realized Goodwin was the Other who infiltrated their group and killed Nathan; confronted Goodwin and killed him
- Captured Michael, Jin and Sawyer; feared they were the Others, too, and imprisoned them in the tiger trap
- Finally convinced that Michael, Jin and Sawyer were not Others, she allowed them to join their group
- Decided to cross the island in order to join the fuselage survivors
- Shot blindly into the jungle running from the Others and accidentally killed Shannon
- Convinced Henry Gale to draw a map for her to the location of his balloon
- Attacked and choked by Henry Gale; he told her the two Others she killed were good people
- Had sex with Sawyer in order to steal his gun
- Tried to shoot Henry Gale but couldn't do it

- Shot and killed by Michael on the island

- As an LAPD cop, she released Desmond, Kate and Sayid from her custody in exchange for money from Hurley


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