LOST Character Bios: Danielle Rousseau

Played by Mira Furlan

- French scientist stranded over 16 years ago when her research vessel ran aground on the island
- Member of a six-person scientific crew that had changed course to investigate an eerie transmission of numbers
- Seven months pregnant when stranded
- The crew, including her love "Robert" became infected in the Dark Territory and died
- Her child, Alex, was stolen by people she calls The Others
- Built jungle hideaway protected by traps
- Large cable ran from hideaway into the ocean
- Changed numbers transmission to distress signal
- Trapped Sayid but released him convinced he wasn't one of the mysterious Others
- Drew maps of island, which Sayid stole
- Abandoned her hideaway and rigged it to explode
- Agreed with Hurley that numbers are cursed
- Warned the survivors that The Others are coming
- Kidnapped Claire's baby hoping to swap him with The Others for her own son

- Shot by the freighter mercenaries

- Living in Los Angeles as the mother of Alex, a high school student who invites her teacher Ben Linus over to dinner with her mom

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