LOST Character Bios: Libby

Played by Cynthia Watros

- Met Desmond in a coffee shop in Los Angeles
- Told Desmond her husband became sick and died in the last month
- Touched by Desmond's story of wanting to win his sailboat race for love and gave her husband's sailboat, Elizabeth, to Desmond
- Committed to the same mental institute at the same time as Hurley

- Sat in the tail section of the plane
- Told Ana Lucia she went to medical school for a year before she dropped out and became a clinical psychologist
- Told Sawyer she is a clinical psychologist
- Lied to Hurley when he asked if they met before
- Kissed and lent Hurley support when he thought he was going crazy again
- Agreed to go on a date with Hurley

- Shot by Michael; did not die instantly
- After given a shot of heroin, died holding Hurley's hand

- Met Hurley at a restaurant during her field trip from the Santa Rose Mental Institute
- Explained to him that she had dreams of a plane crash on an island and they were both there
- Went on a beach date with Hurley, and her kiss sparked Hurley's memories of the island

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