LOST Character Bios: Mr. Eko

Played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

- From Nigeria
- Became a warlord and drug runner
- Had a brother named Yemi, who became a priest
- When he was 10, Eko killed an old man to save his brother's life
- Killed two Moroccans and stole their heroin
- Forced Yemi to sign papers making him and his men Catholic priests in order to fly the heroin out of the country
- Yemi was shot and killed by the Nigerian army trying to stop Eko from leaving the country with the drugs
- Eko's men betrayed him and flew off without Eko; Yemi's body was on the plane
- Pretended to be a priest so he would not be arrested
- Served in a small English parish before being assigned to a Sydney, Australia church; went by the name Father Tunde
- Investigated the "miracle" claim that Charlotte Malkin drowned and came back to life; decided it was not a miracle
- Bought forged papers and a passport to flee Australia and planned to go to America
- At the Sydney airport, Charlotte Malkin told Eko she had a message for him from Yemi: Eko is a good priest.

- Sat in the tail section of the plane
- Killed two Others when attacked the first night
- Did not speak for 40 days
- Fashioned a stick as a weapon on which he carved Biblical scriptures and other notations
- Encountered the smoke monster and survived; he faced it and wasn't afraid
- Lead by Charlie to the Nigerian plane that held the heroin and the bodies of his men and his brother, Yemi
- Burned the plane, the remaining heroin and his brother's body
- Began building a church
- Baptized Claire and her baby, Aaron
- Dreamed of Yemi telling him to look for another station on the island: the Pearl station
- Found the Pearl station underneath the burned Nigerian plane
- Abandoned the church and moved into the Swan station to continue pushing the button
- Came into conflict with Locke over pushing the button. Locke thought it was meaningless, and Eko thought it was more important than anything else

- Killed by the smoke monster

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