Frank Lapidus

Played by Jeff Fahey


- Originally supposed to be the pilot for Oceanic flight 815 but was replaced at the last minute
- Hired as the helicopter pilot for the freighter team
- Helped the Oceanic Six leave the island and find rescue
- Was the pilot for the Ajira flight 316 that returned to the island

ON THE ISLAND: Frank helped successfully land Ajira flight 316 on the smaller Hydra island, saving most of the passengers' lives. He began organizing the survivors' camp afterwards but was caught up in the island's power struggle. Ilana's team realized he may be a "candidate," and he is now with them.

After Ilana was blown up, Frank helped in the takeover of Widmore's submarine. Frank was in the sub's bridge when the C-4 exploded, and was last seen trying to get out when a partially-sealed bulkhead blew off from the force of the rushing water and hit him in the head.