- Recovered in a Russian hospital from being badly burned
- Jacob asked for her help, and she agreed
- Posed as a bounty hunter to "arrest" Sayid and make him return to the island
- A survivor of Ajira flight 316

Character Bio

ON THE ISLAND: Became the leader of the flight 316 survivors after they landed on Hydra island. Ilana seems to know and serve Jacob in some capacity. She lead her team to Jacob's cabin and realized it had been abandoned and used by someone else. She then trekked to Richard Alpert and asked him a secret coded phrase, which would confirm that he was part of their larger group. Richard knew the answer, and Ilana was able to reveal to him the corpse of John Locke.

Believed the survivors needed to blow up the Ajira plane to prevent Locke from leaving the island. She retrieved dynamite from the Black Rock to blow up the plane, but the unstable dynamite exploded in her pack, killing her instantly.