John Locke

Played by Terry O'Quinn


- Collections supervisor for a box company
- Master of war and strategy games
- Raised in a foster home
- As adult, found his ailing biological father who conned him out of a kidney then cruelly cut him off again
- In wheelchair for last 4 years

ON THE ISLAND: He was miraculously able to walk again after the crash and used his skills to hunt and live off the land. He believes the island has brought them all here for a reason.

By turning the frozen donkey wheel, Locke was transported off the island. With the help of Widmore, Locke attempted to reunite the Oceanic 6 to get them to return to the island before being murdered by Ben

RETURN TO THE ISLAND: Locke's body is taken aboard Ajira Airways Flight 316. On the island, it was revealed that he is the smoke monster in human form. The smoke monster is also the Man in Black, Jacob's nemesis. In Locke's form, he was able to manipulate Ben into killing Jacob. Now Locke claims he simply wants to leave the island.