Sayid Jarrah

Played by Naveen Andrews


- Communications Officer for Iraqi Republican Guard in first Gulf War
- Tortured and interrogated prisoners for the Iraqi government
- Helped his childhood love Nadia escape prison
- Recruited by US and Australian agents to infiltrate a terrorist cell which included his best friend from college
- Racing to LA to reunite with Nadia

He was captured by Rousseau while exploring the island, and escaped with her island maps.

Rescued from the island as part of the Oceanic 6 and married Nadia. After a car hits and kills Nadia, Ben confides in Sayid that Widmore was responsible for her death. Sayid then becomes an assassin working under Ben to eliminate key members of Widmore's organization.

RETURN TO THE ISLAND: When Ilana arrests Sayid, he is forced to fly aboard Ajira Airways Flight 316. A time flash sends him to the island in the '70s, where he becomes a captive of Dharma.

Survived the detonation of Jughead and is back in the present-day time period on the island. Nominated as a candidate to take over Jacob's job as protector of the island.

Considered evil incarnate by the Others, Sayid killed Temple master Dogen and his interpreter, Lennon, allowing the smoke monster in to massacre the Others who remained behind. However, Sayid eventually fought off the darkness growing inside him and sacrificed himself to save his friends. He died on Widmore's submarine.