Sun-Hwa Kwon

Played by Yunjin Kim


- Rich girl who married Jin despite him being from a lower class
- Only companion was Shar-Pei puppy Jin gave her
- Learned English in secret so she could run away from her failing marriage
- At the last minute, decided to stay with her husband and board flight 815
- Caught by her father in bed with Jae Lee

Revealed she could speak English to the group when her husband was accused of burning the raft.

Rescued from the island as part of the Oceanic 6 and blamed Ben for the assumed death of Jin.

RETURN TO THE ISLAND: A crash survivor of Ajira Airways Flight 316 in the present time. Nominated as a candidate to take over Jacob's job as protector of the island.

Reunited with Jin after an epic journey across oceans, the island and even time. Sun returned his wedding ring to him, but they were double-crossed by Locke when they thought he was helping them leave the island. After the explosion on Widmore's submarine, Sun was trapped behind a heavy cabinet. Unable to free her before the cabin filled with water, Sun tried to make Jin leave. However, Jin stayed with her, promising he'd never leave her again. They drowned holding each other's hand.