Season 1
Pilot Part 1
Pilot Part 1
Season 1 | Episode 101 | Aired 09/21/2004
A man awakes in a jungle. He is bruised and bloody, and doesn't know where he is. A yellow Labrador Retriever watches him from the trees, then suddenly runs off. He forces himself up and winces in pain, leaning against a tree. He checks his jacket pocket and finds a small bottle of vodka. Recognition of where he is begins to float across his face. He winces back the pain and begins to run through the trees, reaching a beautiful beach.

He hears sounds ... people screaming. He wanders around a bend and finds what has brought him here ... a plane crash, survivors in shock. A man trapped beneath wreckage. A woman not breathing. A pregnant woman screaming for help. He runs to help those he can, and rallies the others to help him. One of these strangers asks his name: "Jack."

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