Season 1
Pilot Part 1
Pilot Part 1
Season 1 | Episode 101 | Aired 09/21/2004

After the initial shock of the crash has settled a little, Jack digs through the scattered luggage and finds a sewing kit. He goes off into the woods to check his own injuries, where he meets a young woman. He enlists her help in stitching a laceration on his back closed, and he explains that he is a doctor.

Back at the crash site, the survivors do their best to make themselves comfortable. Sayid introduces himself to Charlie, and gets Charlie to help build a bonfire, for the rescuers to see. Hurley gathers together the food from the plane, and distributes it amongst the survivors. Michael checks on the welfare of his son, Walt. And Jack has returned to the beach with his new friend, Kate. Jack explains to her that if they can find the front of the plane, they may be able to radio for help with a transceiver. Kate says she saw smoke coming from the jungle ... and tells Jack if he's going to look for it, she's coming with him. Just as Jack is about to argue, the group hears a sound from inside the trees ... a loud, terrifying, monstrous howl that goes on and on. The tops of the trees shake, and eventually whatever is making the sound goes away, leaving the survivors marooned, exhausted ... and now terrified.

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