Season 1
Pilot Part 1
Pilot Part 1
Season 1 | Episode 101 | Aired 09/21/2004

Jack, Kate and Charlie find the wreckage in the jungle. They see no signs of survivors as they climb up into the fuselage towards the cockpit. After breaking their way in, they find the Pilot still strapped to his seat. As Kate and Jack search for the fuselage, the seemingly dead Pilot wakes up. After they give him some water, they tell the pilot "at least 48" of the passengers have survived, and it's been sixteen hours since the crash. The Pilot then tells them they lost their radio six hours into the flight, and couldn't be seen by anyone. They turned around to head to Fiji, and by the time they hit turbulence and crashed, they were a thousand miles off course. The rescuers are looking in the wrong place.

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