Season 1
Pilot Part 1
Pilot Part 1
Season 1 | Episode 101 | Aired 09/21/2004

The Pilot shows them where the transceiver is kept, and as he tries to get it to work, and Kate finds Charlie in the bathroom for some reason, the strange sounds are heard again ... this time just outside the fuselage. They try to catch a glimpse of whatever is making the sound through the cockpit windows, and when the Pilot crawls out to take a look, he is snatched up by the mysterious force. The fuselage is then knocked to the ground, and Charlie, Jack and Kate try and make a run for it.

The three survivors run for their lives, with whatever it is hot on their heels. Charlie falls, and when Jack goes back to help him, Kate finds herself alone in the jungle, terrified. Charlie comes upon her suddenly, and the rain stops just as quickly as it began. They go back looking for Jack, and find him a little ways back, along with the body of the Pilot ... hanging from the top of a tree above them. They stand there, wondering what could do something like that.

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