Season 1
Pilot Part 2
Pilot Part 2
Season 1 | Episode 102 | Aired 09/23/2004

Back at the beach Sawyer and Sayid are in the middle of a brawl and it's all Jack and the others can do to break them up. Sawyer is convinced that Sayid is a terrorist and responsible for the crash. But when Kate asks if anyone can fix the transceiver, Sayid is the only one who is able to help. How? He was a military communications officer. Sayid goes off to fix the transceiver as Jack is called to tend to a horribly injured survivor who needs an operation to remove the piece of wreckage from his abdomen.

Hurley learns that Sayid saw action in the Gulf War. Not in the Air Force or Marines, but The Republican Guard! He gets the transceiver working, but can't get a signal. He tells Kate he has an idea ... If they can climb that mountain they might get a signal at high ground.

Elsewhere, Boone lays into Shannon for being incredibly selfish. She lashes back at him and tells her brother that she is going on the hike to find high ground with the others. Knowing she won't change her mind, Boone goes along to look after his sister. Charlie and Sawyer decide to join the group at the last minute.

As the Signal Party climbs the steep slopes of the mountain, Jack asks Hurley to search the luggage for antibiotics while he looks for a blade he can use to operate. Along the way Jack runs into Michael and tells him he saw Vincent in the jungle earlier.

Walt, wandering alone, without his dog, comes upon Locke placing the pieces on his backgammon board. Walt's curiosity gets the best of him. After teaching Walt the history of backgammon, Locke asks Walt a very creepy question: "Do you want to know a secret?"

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