Season 1
House of the Rising Sun
House of the Rising Sun
Season 1 | Episode 106 | Aired 10/26/2004
We open on the eye of Sun - who looks out at her husband Jin as he catches and kills fish with his bare hands - when we launch into...a FLASHBACK - where Jin is a waiter at a lavish party for Korean high society; and Sun is a cocktail clad part of that society. Both are in positions that highly contrast the characters we know on the island. Jin approaches Sun and offers her a glass of champagne, but there is another exchange going on between them - in their eyes - and when they meet later, we learn that they are lovers, as they steal a kiss in private. Sun wants to run away to America while Jin is worried about her father's approval. Jin presents her with a white orchid - all he can afford for now.

Back on the island, Jin is distracted by the sight of Michael and Walt walking down the beach, when suddenly, for no apparent reason, he charges Michael and proceeds to beat the crap out of him near the shoreline. Jin nearly drowns Michael as Walt and Sun look on helplessly, until Sawyer and Sayid step in to break it up. Sawyer uses the Marshal's handcuffs to chain Jin to a piece of the fuselage.

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