Season 1
House of the Rising Sun
House of the Rising Sun
Season 1 | Episode 106 | Aired 10/26/2004
Meanwhile, Jack, Kate, Charlie and Locke trek towards the fresh water source. When Charlie separates from the group for a fix, he inadvertently steps on a bee hive. Locke, who seems to have followed him, instructs Charlie not to move, but Charlie has an irrational fear of bees. As he balances precariously on top of the hive - bees buzzing all around his head, we cut back to -

- the Beach, where Michael is explaining what happened. Defending himself, his frustration grows as the language barrier and race card come into play. Sayid insists that Jin remain handcuffed until they can sort things out. Sun looks on as we go into - another FLASHBACK, by an idyllic lake, where Jin announces his intentions of marrying Sun, with her father's blessings and gives her an engagement ring. Sun is overjoyed until she learns that, in return, Jin has agreed to work for her father's business. And off her look of concern, we cut back to -

- the island, where Charlie struggles to remain still as more bees buzz around him. Jack has a plan - he'll cover the hive, but before he's able to put his plan in action, Charlie is stung and stomps on the hive in reaction. The angry swarm is instantly on them and they all run off in separate directions, swatting bees and shedding clothes. Kate runs into a cave, where she stumbles into the skeletal remains of two bodies, one male, the other female, giving evidence to the fact that there were people on this island before them. When Jack examines "Adam & Eve", we learn that they've been dead for approximately 40 years and were laid to rest without any evidence of trauma. Among their few possessions, Jack finds a pouch containing two stones - one black, one white.

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