Season 1
House of the Rising Sun
House of the Rising Sun
Season 1 | Episode 106 | Aired 10/26/2004
At the beach, Sun applies aloe to Jin's handcuffed wrist, which is chaffed and cut from the cuff. In FLASHBACK, we watch Sun enter a well appointed home to find a gift wrapped box waiting for her, with an adorable Sharpei puppy inside. But instead of looking pleased, Sun looks depressed. Jin is also distant and instead of sharing this moment with his wife, he retreats into the bedroom to take a business call.

Back in real time, Jack is encouraged by the discovery of the bodies at the caves. He suggests that, instead of bringing the water to the people, they bring the people to the water. While Charlie and Locke agree and stay behind to begin to prepare things for the others, Kate isn't quite convinced and remains unwilling to settle in.

Meanwhile, back on the beach, Walt is upset and confused over the attack and questions his father's part in it. Michael immediately assumes that Walt's mother said bad things about him, but the truth is even harder for him to take. His mother never spoke of him at all. And off these relative strangers we find -

- strangers of a different sort. As Sun tends to Jin, we FLASHBACK once more to their home, which has become even more ornate, and where Sun seems further trapped by her gilded cage. Jin enters and rushes into the bathroom with blood on his hands. Sun follows and begs Jin for an explanation, but he ignores her and will only say that he was working. Frustrated at his lie, Sun slaps her husband hard across the face, but instead of a reaction all she gets is a cold stare from a pair of dead eyes. Sun realizes for the first time that she doesn't know her own husband anymore. Jin tells her that he does whatever her father asks of him - and that what he does, he does for them. But Sun doesn't buy it and recoils from him in fear.

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