Season 1
House of the Rising Sun
House of the Rising Sun
Season 1 | Episode 106 | Aired 10/26/2004
Back at the caves, Charlie cannot escape from the watchful eye of Locke, who claims to know who he is and what he's looking for. In his paranoia, Charlie assumes that Locke is wise to his drug habit, when in fact, Locke is talking about his status in Drive Shaft and the fact that he lost his guitar in the crash. Locke tells Charlie to have faith - this island will give you a great deal...if you are willing to give it something in return. Meanwhile, Jack returns to the beach and finds the people seriously divided about whether to move to the caves. Kate tells Jack that she just isn't willing to dig in and the two part ways.

Sun finds Michael chopping wood. In perfect English, she explains that her husband attacked Michael over a watch that belonged to her father - a watch that Michael is wearing on his wrist; a watch that symbolized honor amongst the men in her life. And as Michael attempts to take all this in, we go into another FLASHBACK, where a woman posing as a home decorator gives Sun instructions on how to make a getaway at the airport while on a business trip with Jin. We learn that Sun has been studying English for some time in anticipation of leaving her husband.

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