Season 1
Confidence Man
Confidence Man
Season 1 | Episode 108 | Aired 11/09/2004

Kate is out collecting bananas when she comes across a copy of the book Watership Down on the beach. She looks over to find Sawyer taking a swim. He emerges naked from the surf and shamelessly flirts with her. As Kate questions if his tactics work on all the girls, we FLASHBACK to Sawyer in bed with a woman named Jessica -- and his southern charm has certainly worked its magic this time around. They bask in the afterglow and seem very much in love. But Sawyer hops out of bed, claiming that he's late for a meeting. When he reaches for his briefcase, it spills open, revealing bundles of cash.

Back in the jungle, Sawyer approaches the hiding spot where he keeps his stash and finds Boone going through his things. Off Boone's scared expression we go to the caves, where Jack tends to Sayid's head wound as Sayid explains that whoever hit him also destroyed the transceiver. Sayid vows to find the person responsible. Boone stumbles back into camp, bloody and beaten. He explains that Shannon has asthma and has run out of refills for her inhaler. He went to see Sawyer because he caught him reading Watership Down -- a book that Boone had in his bag; the same bag that carried the refills. Boone tells Jack that Sawyer refused to give up the refills and attacked him.


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