Season 1
Confidence Man
Confidence Man
Season 1 | Episode 108 | Aired 11/09/2004

On the beach, Charlie delivers water to Claire. He tells her that he's worried about her and attempts to talk her into moving to the caves. But Claire wants to stay on the beach, holding onto hope of rescue.

Jack confronts Sawyer about with holding the inhaler refills that could help Shannon. He begins rifling through Sawyer's things and the two almost come to blows, but Kate interrupts them, diffusing the tense situation. Jack leaves Sawyer, who pulls out a familiar piece of paper -- one that we recognize from the pilot -- and begins to read, which launches into a FLASHBACK --

-- to the hotel room where we last left him. Jessica is more than curious about all the cash Sawyer has in his briefcase. Sawyer explains that it's his life savings -- $140,000 -- but only half of what he needs to buy into a share of an oil mining operation. He's meeting with an investor who may supply the other half. Jessica's intrigued and offers a way to get the rest of the money without the investor -- through her husband.


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