Season 1
All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
Season 1 | Episode 111 | Aired 12/07/2004

Picking up right were we left off last week, the survivors react to the information that Ethan was not on the plane manifest. Fearing the worse, Jack and Locke rush out to locate Charlie and Claire. They come across Claire's bag and find a set of footprints with evidence that someone was dragged off. Jack calls to Charlie and Claire, but Locke urges him to be quiet whoever took them could still be around. While Locke wants to organize a search party, Jack acts impetuously and runs off on his own.

We FLASHBACK to Jack in the OR, attempting to resuscitate a female patient. The Chief of Surgery enters and orders him to call the time of death. But Jack is determined and won't stop CPR. Everyone in the room can feel the tension between them until finally, the Chief steps up and calls it himself.

Back at camp, Locke gathers his gear with the intention of catching up with Jack. Kate and Boone volunteer to go along with him. But when Michael tries to volunteer, Locke tells him that another person would only slow them down. Feeling rejected, Michael threatens to put together his own search party.

Out in the jungle, with little to go on, Jack's search is proving futile. We FLASHBACK to the OR again, as he looks over the dead patient's body. The Chief berates Jack for taking over his surgery. Jack says that he stepped in because one of the nurses told him the Chief's hands were shaking and that he cut into the patient's artery. And we begin to realize just how personal this argument really is when Jack asks, "How many drinks did you have at lunch, Dad?" As their eyes lock, we recognize Jack's dad, Christian.


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